Improving work habits.

Most employees and employer’s struggle to increase productivity in today’s ever-changing business. The reasons are enormous and they include procrastination, a domineering boss and lack of proper assessments and coordination among departments in an organization.
Productivity is simply defined as effectively using available resources to achieve organizational goals.

High personal productivity is essential to acquiring higher incomes, more responsibility and recognition. It also helps to reduce the stress experienced when a person’s job is out of control.

The following are ways to help employees and managers to improve on their work habits.
1. Develop a mission goal and a strong work ethic.
2. Clean up your work area and sort out your tasks.
3. Prepare a To Do List and assign priorities.
4. Streamline your work. Work streamlining is the act of eliminating as much low value work as possible and concentrating on activities that add value for clients and customers.
5. Minimize time wasters and interruptions.
6. Concentrate on one task at a time and high-output tasks.
7. Do creative and routine tasks at different times.
8. Practice mental state of peak performance.
9. Make effective use of office technology.
10. Take a nap and practice meditation.




Life Insurance is something that every individual must endeavor to insure one for life is full of possibilities and impossibilities. Glico Life Insurance
Company gives one the peace of mind when he or she has insured with us. There are a number of testimonies from our customers and some are here:

1. Kwadwo Mensah (Ghana Education Service, Kumasi): “Many years ago, I took an educational policy with Glico for my children when he was about six years
old. I took the policy for ten years. Later in life, that is seven years later, things became tougher for me especially looking after my child’s education
at the senior secondary level, I went to Glico Life Insurance Company and I was made to do a partial withdraw of about 60% and this helped my child to
successfully finish his education and I am grateful I took such a policy then even though initially I was reluctant.

2. Daniel Worlanyo (Real Estate Developer): Fifteen years ago, I took a policy with Glico Life Insurance with the purpose of insuring just my life but my
insurance broker then, advised that I take other policies in case of any eventuality. I personally did not take it but took it for my deceased father who
was then alive. Many years later, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and through the insurance I took for him, I spent less money on his treatment till his
passing away and even when he passed on, I didn’t have to spend much because he also had an insurance with the same company.

3. Mohammed Alhassan Amidu (Pilot): “Insurance was something I never trusted because of some of the disappointing stories I heard from friends till Mr.
Asamoah Koranteng Kwasi of Glico Life Insurance persuaded me to take a policy and this was an investment I took and after ten years, I got a compound
interest of 15% and I was then advised to take an accident insurance which I obliged due to the nature of my work. Eight years into the insurance, I was
involved in an accident which made me temporarily disabled and I was paid Gh₵100,000 and this helped me to meet my financial challenges and hospital bills
till I fully recovered.


Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Devotion to the aspirations of life and hard work are the ingredients to make a success recipe no matter the challenges faced in life. The attainment of greatness and prosperity is never made possible on a silver platter but it takes zeal and enthusiasm to make those realizations come true. Indeed, nothing is ever achieved without hard work and commitment. No human wakes up to find greatness and no mission can be accomplished without commitment. This stance is supported even by religion when the good Scripture says in Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom”.
Complaints are enemies of greatness. We have to avoid complaining and get committed to whatever we are doing to achieve our destiny in life. With effort and commitment, there is no way one cannot accomplish his destiny. Your destiny responds to the efforts of your hands. You can achieve your success if you balance commitment, enthusiasm and sensitivity to the very things your hands find. “There has never been a man in our history who led a life of ease, whose name is worth remembering”-Theodore Roosevelt.
Determine whatever you want more important than anything else in life, write down the means by which you plan of attaining it, and permit nothing to be a deterrence to the pursuit of its attainment. Orison Swett Marden says “Make it a life-rule to give your best to whatever passes through your hands, stamp it with your personal character. Let superiority be your trademark”. The season of wishing to be great is over. It is time to have dreams of big nature backed with plans of effectiveness and making great commitments. Indeed, true success can be defined as the external evidence of development. When people get committed to their professions and relationships, greatness is achieved and assured.
I believe life is always passing us through tests by checking our levels of commitments and the greatest rewards are always preserved for them that have demonstrated a never dying commitment to act until greatness is impeccably achieved. Life is a matter of choices and therefore success and failure are hinged unto choices. The achievement of greatness is made possible when targets are set and focus is the first key backed with commitment and hard work.


Governance is the upholding of the values of the people you lead as well as inspiring hope to the people and not compounding their suffering through the use of the state machinery. Indeed, under the Mahama led administration, a lot of the populace have lost faith in his style of leadership and do not believe he has the solution to the current economic turmoil that faces the country; this is because many people believe and it is a fact that he is the originator of most of the problems been faced. Under the Mahama administration, oppression of the people has become the order of the day whether politically or economically.
Government must relieve people of their sufferings and not to aggravate the issue. A government that created a problem is likely not to be capable of solving the problem and that is what Ghana finds itself in under the Mahama NDC led government. During the run up to the 2012 General Elections, government spent resources recklessly leading to high budget deficit of over 9.8% and as a result, the country is under an IMF tutelage as well as executing painful austerity measures caused by government and not the people. Interestingly, government believes these solutions will remedy the situation yet the originator of the problems has no clue in solving the problem and so thinks that the best alternative is to use oppressive mechanisms to tax people.
There is nothing more oppressive than government taxing the citizenry more for its reckless spending behavior as well as not seeing these taxes translate into sustainable development. Government of absolute majority is indeed government of the strongest and most impeccable interest but if not checked effectively, it becomes the most oppressive and tyrannical and that is what Ghana experiences under the Mahama NDC led government. It is therefore important that Ghanaians reject any oppressive government come November, 2016.
How can a government that claims to have the people at heart and claims it is changing and transforming these lives pass a law that brings pains and sufferings to the very people been led? How can a government pass an act using its absolute majority leading to increment on petroleum products between 18 and 28% as a way of ushering the people into a brand new year? Is this the transforming lives and changing people it preaches when oil prices hover around $35 forgetting that an increase in these products means an automatic increase in all products?
A government that sees taxation as the only means of revenue generation and yet fails to ensure fiscal and monetary discipline must be booted out of office. A government too oppressive is a threat to life and the pursuit of happiness and must therefore be overthrown. Let us use the 2016 General Elections to elect a government that has the future of the citizenry at heart and eases the sufferings of the masses through the creation of conducive business atmosphere, creation of more employment opportunities as well as inspire hope for the future generations.


Christmas is a season that the world uses the opportunity to reflect on the love of Yahweh and his compassion towards mankind. It is that occasion that we reflect on the relevance of having a boy given unto the world who has grown up after 2000 years and is ruling in favor of humanity. That boy is Jesus Christ and through his coming unto the earth, God has been reconciled to humanity and man has gotten the godliness again to be bold to approach the throne of grace but it is unfortunate that the relevance of Christmas is weaning out gradually.

The season is not a season of partying and making merry but it is a season of giving out gifts for a life that was lost but through another man, humanity has regained the life again. Let us celebrate the season in purity and in holiness taking on the form of godliness and upholding the values being cherished in the season and not giving out to the desires of the flesh and the eyes. Christmas must be used to glorify Jesus Christ for coming into the world and shedding his blood for us to have salvation and to be reconciled to God and not to make merry of the flesh.

Let us use the occasion to visit the needy and put smiles on their faces. Let us use the occasion to bring hope to those who think hope is lost and nothing can be achieved by them and also share the good news of the gospel by assuring them of salvation and hope in the world to come with a shining and everlasting king, Jesus Christ who was yesterday, is today and will be there tomorrow.