Life Insurance is something that every individual must endeavor to insure one for life is full of possibilities and impossibilities. Glico Life Insurance
Company gives one the peace of mind when he or she has insured with us. There are a number of testimonies from our customers and some are here:

1. Kwadwo Mensah (Ghana Education Service, Kumasi): “Many years ago, I took an educational policy with Glico for my children when he was about six years
old. I took the policy for ten years. Later in life, that is seven years later, things became tougher for me especially looking after my child’s education
at the senior secondary level, I went to Glico Life Insurance Company and I was made to do a partial withdraw of about 60% and this helped my child to
successfully finish his education and I am grateful I took such a policy then even though initially I was reluctant.

2. Daniel Worlanyo (Real Estate Developer): Fifteen years ago, I took a policy with Glico Life Insurance with the purpose of insuring just my life but my
insurance broker then, advised that I take other policies in case of any eventuality. I personally did not take it but took it for my deceased father who
was then alive. Many years later, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and through the insurance I took for him, I spent less money on his treatment till his
passing away and even when he passed on, I didn’t have to spend much because he also had an insurance with the same company.

3. Mohammed Alhassan Amidu (Pilot): “Insurance was something I never trusted because of some of the disappointing stories I heard from friends till Mr.
Asamoah Koranteng Kwasi of Glico Life Insurance persuaded me to take a policy and this was an investment I took and after ten years, I got a compound
interest of 15% and I was then advised to take an accident insurance which I obliged due to the nature of my work. Eight years into the insurance, I was
involved in an accident which made me temporarily disabled and I was paid Gh₵100,000 and this helped me to meet my financial challenges and hospital bills
till I fully recovered.


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