Christmas is a season that the world uses the opportunity to reflect on the love of Yahweh and his compassion towards mankind. It is that occasion that we reflect on the relevance of having a boy given unto the world who has grown up after 2000 years and is ruling in favor of humanity. That boy is Jesus Christ and through his coming unto the earth, God has been reconciled to humanity and man has gotten the godliness again to be bold to approach the throne of grace but it is unfortunate that the relevance of Christmas is weaning out gradually.

The season is not a season of partying and making merry but it is a season of giving out gifts for a life that was lost but through another man, humanity has regained the life again. Let us celebrate the season in purity and in holiness taking on the form of godliness and upholding the values being cherished in the season and not giving out to the desires of the flesh and the eyes. Christmas must be used to glorify Jesus Christ for coming into the world and shedding his blood for us to have salvation and to be reconciled to God and not to make merry of the flesh.

Let us use the occasion to visit the needy and put smiles on their faces. Let us use the occasion to bring hope to those who think hope is lost and nothing can be achieved by them and also share the good news of the gospel by assuring them of salvation and hope in the world to come with a shining and everlasting king, Jesus Christ who was yesterday, is today and will be there tomorrow.