Governance is the upholding of the values of the people you lead as well as inspiring hope to the people and not compounding their suffering through the use of the state machinery. Indeed, under the Mahama led administration, a lot of the populace have lost faith in his style of leadership and do not believe he has the solution to the current economic turmoil that faces the country; this is because many people believe and it is a fact that he is the originator of most of the problems been faced. Under the Mahama administration, oppression of the people has become the order of the day whether politically or economically.
Government must relieve people of their sufferings and not to aggravate the issue. A government that created a problem is likely not to be capable of solving the problem and that is what Ghana finds itself in under the Mahama NDC led government. During the run up to the 2012 General Elections, government spent resources recklessly leading to high budget deficit of over 9.8% and as a result, the country is under an IMF tutelage as well as executing painful austerity measures caused by government and not the people. Interestingly, government believes these solutions will remedy the situation yet the originator of the problems has no clue in solving the problem and so thinks that the best alternative is to use oppressive mechanisms to tax people.
There is nothing more oppressive than government taxing the citizenry more for its reckless spending behavior as well as not seeing these taxes translate into sustainable development. Government of absolute majority is indeed government of the strongest and most impeccable interest but if not checked effectively, it becomes the most oppressive and tyrannical and that is what Ghana experiences under the Mahama NDC led government. It is therefore important that Ghanaians reject any oppressive government come November, 2016.
How can a government that claims to have the people at heart and claims it is changing and transforming these lives pass a law that brings pains and sufferings to the very people been led? How can a government pass an act using its absolute majority leading to increment on petroleum products between 18 and 28% as a way of ushering the people into a brand new year? Is this the transforming lives and changing people it preaches when oil prices hover around $35 forgetting that an increase in these products means an automatic increase in all products?
A government that sees taxation as the only means of revenue generation and yet fails to ensure fiscal and monetary discipline must be booted out of office. A government too oppressive is a threat to life and the pursuit of happiness and must therefore be overthrown. Let us use the 2016 General Elections to elect a government that has the future of the citizenry at heart and eases the sufferings of the masses through the creation of conducive business atmosphere, creation of more employment opportunities as well as inspire hope for the future generations.